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Stop your profits from slipping away

  STOP YOUR PROFITS FROM SLIPPING AWAY! SETUP A SHOES FOR CREWS ACCOUNT TODAY  Opening a Shoes For Crews Safety Footwear Program saves your company money and increases productivity. By opening a Shoes For Crews Corporate Account, your employees can take advantage of exclusive McDonald’s pricing and your company qualifies for the $15,000 McDonald’s Slip [...]

Check furniture now – and continually – to prevent costly claims.

When furniture isn’t fastened properly, it can wobble, shift or move in a way that can cause someone to fall. This is a common danger happening much too often in restaurants today. That’s why owners and managers must be diligent in checking chair legs, under tables, screws in toilet seats and other furniture that can [...]

How to properly use Wet Floor signs – and keep customers safe

Every day, your restaurant is probably using Wet Floor signs to warn customers of a wet area from mopping, a spilled drink, or outside water that may have been tracked in due to rain or snow.

Food Safety 101

As a restaurant manager or owner, you’re aware the importance in safety related to food

Use Wet Floor Signs Safely to Prevent Claims

There are a variety of Wet Floor signs available today for restaurants. Don’t allow Wet Floor signs to trip up your business.

How to Use Video to Fight Fraud, Reduce Claims, and Correct Real Hazards

How to Use Video to Fight Fraud, Reduce Claims, and Correct Real Hazards Today, nearly all restaurants have camera systems in place. Most realize that used effectively, this valuable equipment will pay for itself many times over.  Video cameras can be a vital tool in combating costly employee, liability, and crime related claims while helping [...]