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Safe Driving Policy: Company Owned Vehicles and Personal Owned Vehicles

It is recommended that your business have a policy in place related to Safe Driving. This should be reviewed and signed by anyone that might ever drive on company business including Office Staff, DO, Supervisors, Managers, Maintenance, etc. Encouraging good driving is good business. Having a safe driving policy can protect your staff, and enhance [...]

Safe Driving Policy: Company Owned Vehicles and Personal Owned Vehicles2020-07-01T22:43:44+00:00

Pulling Motor Vehicle Record Reports

Motor Vehicle Reports (MVRs) should be obtained and reviewed annually, at a minimum, to evaluate individual driver performance. This document covers what a MVR review should include and the characteristics of an undesirable driver.

Pulling Motor Vehicle Record Reports2020-07-01T22:43:51+00:00

QUICK PRINT: Sample Safety Inspection Form

Detailed inspection form that can be used to correct potential hazards at your stores, before they become injuries to customers and employees.

QUICK PRINT: Sample Safety Inspection Form2023-07-27T04:07:26+00:00

Workers Compensaton: Claims Management Checklist

Easy for to use to make sure that your employee claims are investigated, tracked, and filed the right way, every time. Proper claims management can greatly reduce potential for litigation, and also prevent like injuries from happening again.

Workers Compensaton: Claims Management Checklist2020-08-24T20:35:40+00:00

Robbery Policy

An overview of a sample robbery policy, plus an attached for for all employees to sign. By formalizing training to employees, you can reduce exposure to the possible tragic consequences of robberies.

Robbery Policy2018-04-24T01:54:54+00:00

Safe Driving Policy

Discussion on why a safe driver policy is important, even if you do not have company vehicles (hint - you can still be held liable for accidents in cars owned by your employees, if they are driving on company business). Also links to a sample policy that is ready to be used, or modified, for your needs.

Safe Driving Policy2020-07-01T22:44:05+00:00

FORM: Employee Accident/Incident Investigation Form

A ready to use accident investigation form, complete with instructions on helpful items to look for, to properly investigation the injury and prevent reoccurrance, as well as fraud prevention.

FORM: Employee Accident/Incident Investigation Form2023-07-31T12:14:12+00:00

QUICK PRINT: Daily Safety Inspections

Short form that can be use for daily inspections. Form focuses on the most common areas where injuries occur, so you can fix hazards before they become injuries.

QUICK PRINT: Daily Safety Inspections2020-08-24T20:36:26+00:00

SAMPLE: Safety Orientation Checklist

Sample orientation checklist. Using documented inspections helps to ensure quality and uniformity of training.

SAMPLE: Safety Orientation Checklist2018-04-24T01:58:05+00:00