Put A Robbery Policy In Place Now

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Make sure employees follow your crime and violence related policies at all times.

Remember even the basics, like if a person has caused trouble in the past returns to the store, that person shouldn’t be ignored by an employee. Based on knowing their past behavior. This could lead to increased liability since you have past knowledge and did nothing.

When training employees, ensure that they always understand the proper procedures on how to handle these types of situations. Even if the procedure is as simple as getting a manager or calling the police, that procedure must be followed by the employee every time.

Once a situation occurs:

Secure the security camera video footage to provide your insurance company and one to store in your file. Remember, if something happens, you do nothing, and a similar event happens, then you can be cited for negligence for not making changes and taking reasonable care to protect customers and employees.

It’s that simple. Be ready and react with common sense to potential crime threats.

To download a sample of the Employee Robbery Policy please click on the following link https://www.profitingfromsafety.com/robbery-policy/