Profit Sheet – Cost Reduction Guide

Costs involving employees who miss less than 7 days of work affect insurance costs by 30% of those where the employee misses more than 7 days.

Observation Solution
1. Difficulty with Getting Employees Back to Work Managers prepared to offer modified jobs
2. Delay in Assigning Transitional Duty Get physician work release, coordinate with doctor and employee
3. Prevent re-injury Employee required to follow restrictions


  1. Difficulty with Getting Employees Back to Work:
    1. Create a list of light duty tasks prior to any injury. Focus on the following:
      1. Lifting 15 pounds or less
      2. Use of only one arm
      3. Sitting only
      4. Alternate sitting and standing
    2. Train managers and employees that return to work is important, and it is a benefit to them (they will not lose their jobs due to an injury).
    3. Ensure managers know of the goal (# of days) targeted to get them back to work. The clock starts ticking from the moment they are aware of the injury – regardless of if it is reported or not.
  2. Assign Transitional Duty
    1. Send employees to approved medical providers as soon as the injury is learned of.
    2. Have a single point of contact in your organization who is accountable to you for managing this process, follow-up, and work closely with your workers compensation insurance company.
    3. Once restrictions are assigned, immediately let the employee know a job is available. If they employee complains of issues from the injury, then send them back to the doctor for re-evaluation.
  3. Prevent re-Injury
    1. Train managers to monitor employees that are on transitional duty restrictions, and do not let them perform tasks beyond the restrictions, even if the employees says they are capable.
    2. Train all employees to not pressure the injured employee to do other tasks. All employees should be trained that return to work is a benefit to all, and that the company will stand by them in a time of difficulty.
    3. If the employee complains of any pain or discomfort performing a task that is within restrictions, have a doctor re-evaluate the employee’s condition.


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