As you know, insurance is not a commodity and the price you pay is determined by you and your peers.

What are you doing to minimize your claims?

Some basic investments with huge returns:

  • Have you installed Finger Guards on your Restroom Doors (estimated at only $50 each)?
  • When is the last time your Fryers were checked and cleaned (Smart Care, etc.)?
  • Do you background check all employees?
  • Do you deep clean all floors with a Heavyweight Deck Brush at least weekly?
  • Do you have a Robbery Safety Policy in place?
  • Do you report all Claims within 24 Hours?
  • Are the Splash Caps in place between your fryer and fry station?
  • Painted your high traffic curb areas yellow?
  • Do you have at least 2 Dry Mops in each Store?
  • Do you clean in front of the fryer enough?  Oil here can be tracked through your whole store.
  • Do you use an armored car service for deposits?
  • Do 100% of all employees  wear Approved Slip Resistant Shoes?
  • All electrical work done by certified electricians and outsourced to reputable companies?
  • Do you have 16+ cameras in all stores?
  • Have you reviewed the Frontline catalog recently for products to run a safer store?