Profit Sheet – Cost Reduction Guide

Based on a sampling of claims in 500 Owner/Operator stores, 18% were due to Slips and Falls, resulting in $575,210 in losses

Observation Solution
1. Slip and Fall Kitchen/Prep Prevent slippery Floors, Require proper shoes
2. Slip and Fall Cooler/Freezer Prevent Ice Buildup and Keep Floors Dry, Require proper shoes
3. Slip and Fall Outdoors Prevent Ice/Snow Buildup, Wet Surfaces, Require proper shoes


  1. Kitchen/Prep Slip and Fall:
    1. Get Creative – Ways to reduce cleaning time and make your floors less slippery can save money, and be more effective! These include the use of the weighted deck brush, automated scrubbers, and approved floor coating treatments. Floor cleaning times can be reduced dramatically with higher coefficient of friction results on the floors. These investments also reduce your labor costs and could easily pay for themselves.
    2. Monitor floor condition near fryer and grill.
    3. Start deck brush cleaning at night in front of the fryer and grill, then move outwards.
    4. Use the correct amount of cleaner in the mop bucket. If the mops are black and the mop bucket water is dark, the floors are dirty. Clean mops and clean water should be used.
    5. Require approved, slip resistant shoes for all crew members, management, and maintenance. Have pull over booties available if the employee does not have the correct shoe. A ‘No Shoes, No Work’ policy is essential.
  2. Cooler/Freezer Slip and Fall
    1. Train all employees to not leave the door propped open for long periods of time.
    2. Ensure that seals on the cooler and freezer door are maintained and in good condition.
    3. Perform immediate maintenance if there is ice buildup around the handler (blower) portion of the unit in the freezer, or water dripping.
    4. On metal floor ramps, etc. apply slip-resistant tape to increase floor friction
  3. Outdoor Slip and Fall
    1. Regularly remove ice and snow from all walking paths. Monitor to ensure no buildup.
    2. When cleaning the parking lot, focus on the area around the dumpster. Spilled drinks and food make this area especially slippery.
    3. Watch for, and repair all ‘bird baths’ in the parking lot as soon as they are spotted. ‘Bird Baths’ are areas where indentations in the pavement allow for water buildup (birds may be seen bathing in these areas). Standing water will allow the pavement to become slippery over time.


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