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Manager Toolkit

Manager Toolkit2020-08-24T20:53:18+00:00

Workers Compensaton: Claims Management Checklist

Easy for to use to make sure that your employee claims are investigated, tracked, and filed the right way, every time. Proper claims management can greatly reduce potential for litigation, and also prevent like injuries from happening again.

VIDEO: Managers Role – Your Safety, Your Profits

You are required to make sure safe practices are part of your everyday operations which involves promoting a culture which values an enthusiastic and safety-conscious workplace. In this video, learn some simple ways to get more involved in upgrade your safety culture, to prevent injuries and improve the bottom line.

QUICK PRINT: Daily Safety Inspections

Short form that can be use for daily inspections. Form focuses on the most common areas where injuries occur, so you can fix hazards before they become injuries.

Making Safety Meetings Work

Article on how to make safety meetings effective, and how to keep them effective. Discusses the make up of a safety committee, and the importance of safety meetings in upgrading your safety culture.