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Safety Products

What is the HazCom App and where can I find more information?

OSHA requires that Safety Data Sheets (SDS) be readily available for any chemicals that are utilized by employees in the restaurants.  This is an essential part of the restaurant’s OSHA required Chemical HazCom program, and important in case they are needed in the event of an emergency.  To assist restaurants in their HazCom program, in [...]

What is the HazCom App and where can I find more information?2024-02-06T20:14:46+00:00

Why Restaurants Benefit from Cloud-Based Video Storage

Running a successful restaurant today involves more than just great food and service—it requires prioritizing safety, security, and operational efficiency. Long-term cloud-based video storage emerges as an important tool for achieving these goals. Hear from Amy Hoover, Chief Information and Technology Officer, from Manna Inc. as she reveals how Envysion’s Cloud Archive played a pivotal [...]

Why Restaurants Benefit from Cloud-Based Video Storage2023-12-21T21:12:37+00:00

Friction in the Kitchen: Proper Footwear and Slip-Resistant Mats

Restaurant kitchens are hazardous work environments for employees due to the number of disparate dangers in such a small space. Whether it’s stovetop flames, razor-sharp knives or 400-degree frying oil, restaurant employees contend with many dangers while working in a commercial kitchen. Safety programs and protocols are critical for avoiding injury with these hazards. Employees [...]

Friction in the Kitchen: Proper Footwear and Slip-Resistant Mats2023-10-11T17:11:54+00:00

Money Matters

We all know that money matters, it is the usually the main reason we work, whether that be part time or as a business owner.  Every shift of every day we put forth the effort to build our sales. The revenue generated eventually must make it to the bank to get into your pockets, or [...]

Money Matters2023-04-18T20:15:45+00:00

Is Your Property Safe from Trip and Falls?

Maintenance is key to preventing trip and falls on your property. Potholes, broken curbs, or uneven surfaces could cause someone to trip and fall.  Something else to consider is making sure there is clear visual distinction between walking surfaces and any steps or change in elevation. An easy way to make sure your customers don’t [...]

Is Your Property Safe from Trip and Falls?2022-10-31T22:08:57+00:00

Protect Your Business/Employees with Managed Video Solutions

It’s difficult to oversee day-to-day activities across all of your stores. It’s even more challenging to be physically on location managing critical claims, which require more time and money. The bottom line: customer and employee incidents can result in liabilities, hindering profit margins if measures are not in place to protect you from damages [...]

Protect Your Business/Employees with Managed Video Solutions2023-07-31T12:11:41+00:00

Profits Hiding In Your Trash Processing?

PACK-A-DRUM trash deflation systems could cut your waste hauling bills by 40-60% with No-Investment Needed. Pack-A-Drum users have saved over $96 Million in waste costs! If this solution can put a dollar more to your bottom line, would you give us a quarter? This PATENTED deflation and compaction waste volume reduction system: Improves employee safety [...]

Profits Hiding In Your Trash Processing?2021-01-31T15:57:29+00:00

Squadle, Digital Food Safety and More

Company Overview Squadle is a technology company committed to delivering flexible, user-friendly applications that enable multi-unit operators to simplify complex operations and streamline food safety and compliance. By combining its proprietary digital checklists, patented sensor automation, and machine vision technology with its customer-first approach, Squadle delivers intuitive, out-of-the-box ready products. Safety Benefits Squadle’s Digital Checklists [...]

Squadle, Digital Food Safety and More2021-05-18T12:55:04+00:00

Proactive Safety – Finally Realized! – Getting your PPE just got easier

Safety can be so easy to forget, yet very painful to remember.  As a former QSR risk manager I know the unpredictability of accidents can allow even the most safety conscious managers to let their guard down.  Keeping safety equipment and first aid items in stock and available is a universal and ongoing challenge for [...]

Proactive Safety – Finally Realized! – Getting your PPE just got easier2020-08-26T17:44:24+00:00

Slip Resistant Shoe Covers

  Slip resistant shoe covers are a great and inexpensive way to improve safety.  In addition, you can also stay better staffed by having an alternative to sending an employee home who shows up to work without the required shoes.  These also accommodate those with a medical requirement where the employee needs to wear a [...]

Slip Resistant Shoe Covers2020-08-24T20:39:56+00:00

Caution…Floor May Be Wet Sign

Sample image/messaging you can use on Amazon, etc. to get custom wall signs made for your restaurants. Click to download PDF sign.

Caution…Floor May Be Wet Sign2023-07-08T11:43:09+00:00

Your Safety We Care About You – Be Safe

Your safety – we care about you Always wear a safety vest when you exit the building. For example: when bringing food out to customers, taking out trash, on a travel path, etc. Always look both ways and be careful when taking food to a customer Report any parking lot lights not working to management [...]

Your Safety We Care About You – Be Safe2020-08-26T05:25:44+00:00

Slips & Falls – Our Shoe Policy

Slips and falls: our shoe policy! You are required to wear approved slip resistant shoes 100% of the time Proper slip resistant shoes keep you and others safe Owner/Operator special pricing is available; ask your manager for details Click to download the free poster.  

Slips & Falls – Our Shoe Policy2020-07-01T22:43:46+00:00

Slip Resistant Shoes – Enforcement Is Key

Proper approved Slip resistant shoes are a must in any store and as a manager you must enforce usage – no exceptions, regardless of how good the floor cleaning techniques are Shoes are the best way to reduce slips. One may never know when there will be a spill, or oil on the floor that [...]

Slip Resistant Shoes – Enforcement Is Key2019-04-25T20:39:40+00:00

Personal Protective Equipment Reduce Employee Injuries

Personal protective equipment plays a key role in safety. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) can aid in preventing injuries to the hands, arms, body, and even the face and eyes. Depending on the job, PPE can be utilized to prevent slip/falls, eye injuries, burns, being hit by a vehicle, cuts, and contact with chemicals. The priority [...]

Personal Protective Equipment Reduce Employee Injuries2020-07-01T22:43:52+00:00

Caution…Wet Floor in Lobby

Every day, your restaurants should be using Wet Floor Signs to warn customers of wet areas from mopping, spills, washing of hands in bathroom, or outside water that may be tracked into the lobby due to rain or snow. The improper use or lack of wet floor signs can create more danger than the hazard [...]

Caution…Wet Floor in Lobby2017-05-01T16:09:28+00:00

Floor Mat Options For Employee Safety

Slip-Proof any floor! When employees have both feet safely on the mat, they work faster and more efficiently. With Mighty Mat slip-resistant floor mats, any greasy, slippery walkway becomes a safe, high-traction surface. Click below for Mighty Mat solutions. Click here for more information:  

Floor Mat Options For Employee Safety2020-07-01T22:43:52+00:00

Slip Resistant Shoes – Flexible Purchasing Options

Proper approved Slip resistant shoes are a must in any store and as an owner/operator you must enforce usage – no exceptions, regardless of how good the floor cleaning techniques are.  Shoes are the best way to reduce slips. There are several options on how you or your employees can purchase slip resistant shoes. Below are links [...]

Slip Resistant Shoes – Flexible Purchasing Options2019-02-19T18:41:59+00:00

Sunken Floor Mats – A New Solution to an Old Problem

Sunken Floor Mats – A New Solution to an Old Problem A major exposure restaurants face is people slipping and falling when they enter your store.  People will bring in dirt or oil from parking lots, creating a situation where not only are they exposed to slips and falls, but also other customers and even [...]

Sunken Floor Mats – A New Solution to an Old Problem2020-07-01T22:43:53+00:00

Coffee Cup / Lid

We are all familiar with the importance of coffee being served properly and now is a great time to bring extra awareness to the issue. In looking at these types of claims, we see that the allegations seems to fall into three categories: Lids not attached Fully and Securely according to procedures Coffee Coming Up Through the Drinking Port [...]

Coffee Cup / Lid2018-03-22T23:04:34+00:00


The US has now approved the Rapid Mop System from SYR (pictured below). This product is designed to provide quick and efficient floor cleaning when traditional mopping is not applicable – maybe for spot cleaning, etc. Contact SYR for more information.

US APPROVAL AND RELEASE: SYR Rapid Mop System2023-05-04T17:51:26+00:00

Stop your profits from slipping away

STOP YOUR PROFITS FROM SLIPPING AWAY! SETUP A SHOES FOR CREWS ACCOUNT TODAY  Opening a Shoes For Crews Safety Footwear Program saves your company money and increases productivity. By opening a Shoes For Crews Corporate Account, your employees can take advantage of exclusive pricing and your company qualifies for the $15,000 Slip & Fall Warranty. Here [...]

Stop your profits from slipping away2023-08-23T19:20:05+00:00

Loose Toilet Seats

A loose toilet seat can cause injuries to both customers and employees. Toilet seats should be checked daily to ensure they are secure and fastened.

Loose Toilet Seats2020-04-28T16:18:21+00:00

How to properly use Wet Floor signs – and keep customers safe

Every day, your restaurant is probably using Wet Floor signs to warn customers of a wet area from mopping, a spilled drink, or outside water that may have been tracked in due to rain or snow.

How to properly use Wet Floor signs – and keep customers safe2018-06-19T20:43:49+00:00

ADA Guidelines

There are more than 1 million restaurant locations in the United States, which employ more than 15 million people. Restaurant owners have countless responsibilities. They have to have enough people dining to turn a profit, hire and fire staff, ensure clients are happy and maintain the operations of the business. One thing that restaurant owners [...]

ADA Guidelines2022-02-28T05:04:43+00:00

Beverage Tower Cleaning

Properly cleaning beverage towers according to schedules is important for many reasons

Beverage Tower Cleaning2021-11-09T17:44:53+00:00

Color Coding Importance

The importance of a color coordinated cleaning and safety system

Color Coding Importance2021-11-09T17:45:17+00:00

Mop Head Maintenance

Improperly cleaning or not replacing mop heads can create dangers

Mop Head Maintenance2021-11-09T17:44:29+00:00

Maintenance Shoes

It is important that maintenance employee's have the proper shoes for the job. We describe the key elements here.

Maintenance Shoes2020-07-01T22:43:58+00:00

Raze Safety Box Cutter

This very inexpensive product can save lives, fingers, legs, etc. Protect your crew and your profits by enforcing the use of proper safer equipment.

Raze Safety Box Cutter2020-07-01T22:43:58+00:00

The LOV Fryers

Many are considering the replacement of pre-2004 Fryers with the new low oil versions.

The LOV Fryers2020-07-01T22:43:58+00:00

ABCO Grease-Beater

ABCO Cleaning Products has developed an innovative floor cleaning program that combines state-of-the-art industry fiber technology with ergonomic tool design; color coded, simple to use, and with superior results, This has proved to yield cleaner, less slippery floors for your customers and crew. Watch the video, call Chris, or click on the below items to [...]

ABCO Grease-Beater2020-07-01T22:43:59+00:00

Dry Mopping – Flyer

Dry Floors- Keep floors dryer and safer with this new low cost solution

Dry Mopping – Flyer2020-12-14T22:40:23+00:00

Intelligent vaults and safes

Intelligent vaults allow funds to be electronically credited to the owner/operators bank account as soon as cash is deposited into the stores depository safe.

Intelligent vaults and safes2020-04-24T16:25:00+00:00

Floor Cleaning 1-2-3

Your restaurant floors can be a liability, if they’re not cleaned properly. Slips and falls rank among the top injuries to customers and employees at restaurants. They’re a danger (and a cost!) that can easily be prevented with the proper floor care tools and techniques. There are two main elements to getting a floor cleaned [...]

Floor Cleaning 1-2-32020-07-01T22:43:59+00:00

Hand Hygiene Program

Hand hygiene plays a critical role in proactive public health protection. When customers and crew follow proper hand hygiene, cross contamination and potential illness can be reduced.

Hand Hygiene Program2020-07-01T22:44:01+00:00

Fryer Service Plan

Food quality and the prevention of fires are very important to every owner. To prevent costly problems, be sure to service your fryers properly.

Fryer Service Plan2020-07-01T22:44:01+00:00

Small Investments – Large Returns

As you know, insurance is not a commodity and the price you pay is determined by you and your peers. What are you doing to minimize your claims?

Small Investments – Large Returns2022-02-28T05:07:15+00:00

Ice Transport

Ice Transport Strains continue to be one of the most frequent and costly injury types for crew members across the country. Prevention is easy...

Ice Transport2020-07-01T22:44:02+00:00

Shoes For Crews

Click to open the recent catalog or call 800-634-7095 for the latest information.

Shoes For Crews2023-10-09T15:39:41+00:00

Finger Shield – Protecting Kids Fingers

Door hinge gaps cause over 300,000 hand injuries to children every year across the USA resulting in over 15,000 finger amputations. Learn More About Solutions by Clicking Below  

Finger Shield – Protecting Kids Fingers2020-07-01T22:44:02+00:00

VIDEO: Posters and Signs

Video on the effective use of posters to prevent injuries. Includes proper placement, near the actual hazard, and in areas employees frequent.

VIDEO: Posters and Signs2020-12-16T16:46:48+00:00

Safety Product: Fryer Splash Cap

Outline of important piece of equipment that prevents cooking oil from dripping onto the floor from the fryer. Keeping the fryer area clean keeps the entire kitchen clean, as cooking oil is not tracked from the fryer to other locations in the back area.

Safety Product: Fryer Splash Cap2020-07-01T22:44:04+00:00

Personal Protective Equipment

Article on the importance of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and where PPE is most important. Also discusses ways to ensure employees wear proper PPE when required.

Personal Protective Equipment2018-03-19T05:04:15+00:00

SAFETY PRODUCT: L3 to reinforce workplace safety

Review of innovative training system that can be taylored ot individual employees. Works by playing short videos while they wash their hands. Also logs when the employee has washed his or her hands, and what videos they have seen.

SAFETY PRODUCT: L3 to reinforce workplace safety2012-10-20T13:40:04+00:00

The Meaning of Dirty Mop Water

Why dirty mop water means your floors are not being cleaned properly, and alternate techniques to ensure your floors are clean, and not slippery.

The Meaning of Dirty Mop Water2020-04-19T20:19:07+00:00

Safety Product: ABCO/Frontline

Dual chambered mop bucket ensures that the clean water is clean, and dirty water is not used to mop your floors.

Safety Product: ABCO/Frontline2013-03-06T16:37:10+00:00